Thursday Night Quiz (7:30pm - 9:30pm)

The entry fee is $3 per player. Play alone or with a team. Cash prizes are paid to the top four or five teams. We also pay $20 each to one or two "Lucky Losers" - teams randomly selected from non-winning teams. Raffle prizes are given throughout the quiz.

The Mayflower Thursday Quiz includes a wide assortment of categories... current events, science, history, arts, sports, pop culture, geography, and pop music (60s to present). There's also an audio round and a visual question.

The Thursday Quiz absolutely requires reservations (456-1011).

Monday Night Quiz (8pm - 9pm)

There is no entry fee for the Monday Quiz. Cash prizes are awarded to the top three teams, and there are raffle prizes and drink specials/discounts. The Monday Quiz is shorter than the Thursday Quiz and has a more casual, less academic flavor. Questions focus on pop culture, sports, movies, television, and pop music (80s to present).

If you've never experienced a traditional pub quiz, you should round up some friends or co-workers and give it a try. There's something very satisfying about knowing more about 70s cartoons and state capitals than anyone else at your table... then getting paid for knowing it.



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